Produce Bags


Up-cycled, washed fabrics of various sizes are used, therefore the sizes of the bags vary a bit.  Keep one time use plastic bags out of the landfill by using these bags !

The stitching is reinforced at the corners to insure years of use. Big enough to fold over the tops of the bags; there’s no need for closures. No more struggling to open those thin plastic produce bags !




  _____ large bag(s) – about 12 x 18“, a bit bigger than a thin plastic grocery produce bag. For many potatoes, heads of cauliflower, bunches of chard… (with 4 or more large bags a little bag is included free)

______ medium bag(s) – smaller than a large bag yet big enough for bananas, oranges, egg plants….

______ little bag(s) sized for a couple bulbs of garlic, limes, or turmeric roots…


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