Itajime Papers

Contemporary, individually hand coloured itajime (fold, clamp, and dye) papers are designed and produced by Susan Kristoferson.  They are based on a Japanese dyed paper folk tradition of intricate fold and clamp dye shibori techniques.  High-quality light fast and wash fast calligraphy inks are used to colour the papers.  Various colours of the calligraphy ink are applied to dry folded and clamped papers to achieve characteristic repeat patterns.

The majority of papers are thin, un-sized papers that have great wet strength.  Frequently the papers have a percentage of long paper mulberry fibres such as mitzumata, kozo or gampi.  Many other types, weights and sizes of papers, including heavy papers, gossamer lace papers and papers from a long roll can be dyed at your request.  Kristoferson Studio usually dyes sheet papers sized approximately 18 x 24″ and has also itajime dyed 15 foot lengths of papers.  The papers are useful for many book arts, arts, and interior design applications.  Editions of papers are available if ordered simultaneously.  The papers can be coated with polymer medium to strengthen and waterproof them.

The images below are patterns that can be produced in various colour ways at your request. The studio maintains a portfolio of itajime dyed papers that are immediately available.