Paste Papers

Custom made Paste Papers are designed and individually painted by Susan Kristoferson. These are contemporary versions of decorative papers first painted by 17th Century European book binders. Single papers and large editions can be ordered in any colour.  I specialize in custom work and can create unique proprietary papers. Contact me to discuss your ideas and needs!

I blend high quality acrylic paints into a cooked starch medium and hand painted onto high quality paper which results in moisture resistant flexible papers.  The designs are created with tools that are drawn or stamped in specific movements to produce the desired visual effects.  Parent sheet papers sized approximately 23 x 35″ are painted.  Most papers are sold as half-sheets, sized 17.5 x 22″.  The majority of papers are 100% cotton or tree-free hemp.   These paste papers are ideal for book covers and end sheets as well as decorative window displays, product backdrops, elegant gift wrap, framing details, creative accents and artistic endeavours.  The patterns may be licensed for design applications and commercial uses.