Ordering Paper

You may order any pattern shown on the web site in any color. I maintain a detailed color recipe book. There is no extra fee for matching studio stock patterns, previously matched, or generalized color requests. If you need a very specific, exact color and value, color matching service is available for $100 per color. Pantone colors can be matched.

This web site does not reflect the full range of patterns and colors produced in Kristoferson Studio. Due to the infinite number of possible combinations of patterns and colors, the studio inventory is limited. Most papers are painted to order. Orders can be placed in the following ways:

Request non-specific patterns   Ask for a selection of papers to be sent. You can describe a general broad request, for example wedding, baby, valentines, or holiday papers, or ask for design features such as long bold wavy lines or something flowery. I will make selections for you. The selected papers can be scanned and e-mailed for your approval prior to shipment.

Designate studio patterns If you see something in the web site similar to what you need, specify the name; describe what you need, and I can create something for you. This differs from a custom order because I have artistic leeway while creating what you need. Your color needs can be matched in general.

Custom Design Commissions Itajime or Paste papers can be created to your exact specifications. A wide variety of options exist. Color, pattern, paper grain direction, sheet dimension, thickness, and paper type can be specified by the client. Subtle sparkly details can be added. Unique images can be designed to meet your needs and can be placed in any orientation with motif spacing that works for your intended use. Unique hand carved stamps can be created for a fee that will meet your unique needs. Unique, very large or very long papers can be provided.

Matching editions of itajime papers are only possible in single batch orders, identical repeats are not guaranteed on subsequent orders.

After receiving your custom order request, a price quote will be provided.

Pricing and Payment 

Paste or Itajime papers (17.5 x 23”) are $20 each.  Paste paper parent-sheets (23 x 35”) are $40 each, Paste Paper snippet packs (15 grams) are $12 each. All first orders must be prepaid by check, money order, or e-transfer.  US and Canadian currencies are accepted.


By regular post, UPS or your preferred shipping service at cost. A $10 handling and packaging fee is added to all paper orders.

Rush Orders

are possible for a 25% to 50% up-charge. The up- charge will be negotiated prior to accepting the order based upon lead-time, size of order, and design requirements.

Returns/Exchange Policy   

With re-orders and prior approval, exchanges are permitted. The exchanged merchandise must be undamaged and acceptable for resale. A 25% re-stock return fee will be charged.


is retained by Susan Kristoferson and Kristoferson Studio. Permission to copy, scan, reprint, or otherwise reproduce these papers and patterns must be obtained in writing from Kristoferson Studio. License fees will be negotiated for each copy request. Artists may use these papers in their artwork. If Kristoferson Studio papers are a significant percentage of the artwork, Susan Kristoferson is to be credited in your artwork citations. License fees are due if this type of artwork is reproduced for commercial gain.